Aims and Objectives

GLAMR & Gender is a place for people to discuss issues of GLAMR and gender (galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and records) and how they intersect. We are an inclusive and accessible space to connect people, facilitate collaboration, and work together to enact change.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To be inclusive and accessible in everything that we do
  2. To create an open and honest dialogue about the issues we face in our work relating to gender, and all issues of social inclusivity
  3. To facilitate collaboration between individuals undertaking projects in line with these issues
  4. To promote the work of individuals and organisations steering issues of GLAMR, gender, and inclusivity
  5. To collaborate with individuals and organisations on projects or events that will further this cause

As people who work in the GLAMR industry, we can see how gender inequality can play a role in both the work that we do, and the services we provide. It is the aim of GLAMR & Gender to create a space that facilitates discussions about these issues (numerous as they are) and talk about how we can address them. Further to that, we would like to bring together people and facilitate collaboration on projects aiming to address these issues. Lastly, we would like to undertake projects of our own (and perhaps events) that tackle issues of radical inclusivity in GLAMR.

We welcome you to this discussion.